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Podcast Interview: Shoot for the Moon w/ Producer Thomas Verrette

April 15, 2021|News|

Producer Thomas Verrette joins Tungsten Originals Filmmaking Podcast to discuss his documentary Zero Gravity, the film’s inspiring message, and how his career led him to this moment... Tungsten Originals: Patreon YouTube Instagram Twitter Website Facebook [...]

Mercury News: Campbell Students’ space shot featured in documentary

March 26, 2021|News|

In 2017, a group of middle school students from Campbell Union School District’s Zero Robotics program worked in a nationwide contest to beam code to satellites onboard the International Space Station. Four years later, their [...]

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Reviews and Quotes

“Campbell Middle School’s innovative Zero Robotics program gets thrust in the spotlight in director Thomas Verrette’s inspirational documentary, filmed primarily in the South Bay. Verrette takes a “Spellbound-”like approach, focusing primarily on three students, Makayla Engelder, Advik Gonugunta and Carol Gonzalez as they participate in Tanner Marcoida’s class.

The goal is to create code that will program satellites, and then participate in a NASA-sponsored competition where astronauts will put the programs to the test. Verrette’s mission isn’t limited to outer-space pursuits, and he carves out time to meet the parents and to reflect on the Bay Area’s diversity and the challenges that immigrants trying to make a living encounter here. It’s a winner.”

- RANDY MYERS, President of San Francisco Critics' Society

“It was so exciting and inspiring to see our students featured in this film. We intentionally focus on the future-ready competencies of Critical Thinker, Self-Directed, Innovative, Collaborative and Empathetic, and the Zero Gravity project requires students to tap into each of these. We also know that students are more engaged in learning when they can see how it relates to their own lives. This project motivated our students because they saw the relevance in science, in space, and in continued learning. Now many of them can see themselves working for NASA who might have never before thought it possible.”

- DR. SHELLY VIRAMONTEZ, Superintendent, Campbell Union School District

“I am thrilled this beautiful story and piece of art is out for all to see. Thank you for highlighting our Expanded Learning programs. Our out-of-school experiences do literally expand horizons!”

- MARA WOLD, Region 5, Department of Education

“It was such a pleasure to be involved in the film and to showcase the stories of students coding satellites aboard the ISS. Zero Robotics is an incredible opportunity for students and I love how this film puts a spotlight on three middle-schoolers on their own journey to space!”


“The true value of exploration? Igniting a curiosity that fires the soul to learn, grow and improve our future. Zero Gravity captures this magic and shows how the SPHERES program inspired a world of children.”


From Our Fans

“The story of science is the story of us, it’s the story about the human will and against all odds to try to make sense of this world and ourselves and in our search for answers has taken us to the stars! So excited for the next generation of explorers”


“Liniah was so inspirited and now wants to be an astronaut because of this film!” 

- Lo, Instagram

“Loved the documentary! My principal is gonna show it to all our middle school in science classes!!”

- BARBARA RYAN, Facebook

“I saw Zero Gravity by Thomas Verrette (at Cinequest) it’ll make one really excited about our younger generation!” 


“What a remarkable experience for those children! Their excitement is a true tribute to how important it is to cultivate learning experiences!”

- ANONYMOUS, Facebook

“SO inspirational! Gives me hope for the future, that these kids can find such excitement in learning and inventing!”

- ANONYMOUS, Facebook

“I can’t stress enough the importance of a film like this! More children should be exposed to the culture of science and this film highlights a hands on approach into being part of that journey”

- ANONYMOUS, Facebook
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